• #GiveInMay Spotlight: The SEAD Project

    BY MAI NGUYEN DO Excerpt from The SEAD Project’s statement on the murder of George Floyd: “As an organization based in North Minneapolis working with our Southeast Asian diaspora, we know the historical trauma and social oppression that’s used as a divisive tool between our marginalized communities. We need self-reflection, course correction, and internal healing […]
  • #GiveInMay Spotlight: National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse

    BY CHRIS PHAN, APIAVOTE How do you work in local communities as a national organization? How do you navigate when and where your support is needed? National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse (NAPAFASA) is a national organization that is nearly 30 years old, and throughout their 30 years, they’ve addressed substance use in […]
  • #GiveInMay Spotlight: Asian Services in Action

    BY CHRIS PHAN, APIAVOTE Asian Services in Action (ASIA) was founded in late 1995 in Ohio when a handful of social and healthcare workers noticed the enormous gaps between newly arrived immigrant and refugee communities and their challenges in integrating in the United States. ASIA first began as an after-school program to assist with cultural […]