The Asian American Voter Surveys

Asian Americans have, for two decades, been the most rapidly growing racial group in the United States. More recently, they have also been growing significantly in their political presence, as measured by the growth of registered voters (an average increase of 850,000 every four years since 2000), voters (an average increase of 750,000 voters every four years during the same period), and members of Congress (from 5 in 2000 to 18 in 2018).

Along with the growing presence of Asian American voters is a growing interest in the opinions and priorities of this electorate. The Asian American Voter Surveys (AAVS) are election-year surveys of registered AAPI voters, capturing the perspectives of voters and their priorities across various years. The AAVS began in 2014.

Executive Summary

This report is one of three produced using the 2014 Asian American Voter Survey (AAVS) data, representing the results of interviews conducted by telephone from August 14 to September 11, 2014, of 1,337 registered voters who identify as Asian American, producing an overall margin of sampling error of +/- 2.7%.

This report specifically covers Asian American voter public opinion on income inequality, affirmative action, and gun control.

AAVS 2014 Infographics