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Race-Based Considerations and the Obama Vote (2009)

Dubois Review (2009)

In this article, we analyze the importance of race-based considerations in the Asian American vote, after controlling for other factors such as partisanship, issue preferences, age, and gender.

National Asian American Survey (2008)

National Asian American Survey (2008)

The National Asian American Survey (NAAS) conducted the first nationally representative survey of the policy priorities and issue preferences of Asian Americans in 2008.

Pew Asian American Survey (2012)

Pew Center (2012)

The dataset is based on a Pew Research Center telephone survey of a nationally representative sample of 3,511 Asian Americans conducted from January 3 to March 27, 2012, in English and seven Asian languages; the sample was designed to enable findings to be reported about each of the six largest country of origin subgroups: Chinese Americans, Filipino Americans, Indian Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Korean Americans and Japanese Americans as well as about the Asian-American population as a whole.