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Health Outcomes

Associations Between Racial Discrimination (2010)

American Journal of Public Health (2010)

This article examined the association of racial discrimination and limited English proficiency with health-related quality of life among Asian Americans in California.

Ethnic Health Assessment (2010)

APIA Health Forum (2010)

This report evaluates the health disparities facing Asian Americans and Native Pacific Islanders; it also seeks to uncover the full range of cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic adversities that contribute to the health issues faced by these populations.

National Health Interview Survey (2012)

National Health Interview Survey

The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) is the principal source of information on the health of the civilian non-institutionalized population of the United States.

California Health Interview Survey

California Health Interview Survey

The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) is the largest state health survey in the nation; it is a random-dial telephone survey that asks questions on a wide range of health topics.

The Intersection Between HIV/AIDS (2011)

APIA Health Forum (2011)

The purpose of this White Paper is to provide a brief introduction to the intersection of HIV/AIDS and domestic violence in the AA and NHPI community through a reproductive justice framework.

Breaking Through the Silence (2009)

APIA Health Forum (2009)

This policy document is focused on breaking the silence around HIV in Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities through public health leadership and response.

Unusually Poor Physical Health Status (2011)

Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health (2011)

To better document the health status of Cambodian refugees, the physical health functioning, disability, and general health status of Cambodian refugees was compared to that of non-refugee Asian immigrants with similar demographic characteristics.

Health Risk Behaviors (2012)

APALC Report on California (2012)

This analysis assessed the prevalence of excess body weight, physical inactivity and alcohol and tobacco use in Asian American subgroups.