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Domestic Violence

Infographic: DV Attitudes

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Shattered Lives: Homicides, Domestic Violence and Asian Families (2010)

Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence (2010)

This report’s goals are to raise awareness of the problem in order to counter denial and victim blaming; generate discussions that will inform culturally-specific intervention, prevention and community organizing strategies; influence the field so safety for battered women takes into account an expanded definition of domestic violence related homicides; and develop questions for future research.

An Analysis of Domestic Violence in Asian American Communities (1990)

Women & Therapy (1990)

This article presents a preliminary analysis of domestic violence in Asian American communities, and reports results from a focus group study on domestic violence in Southeast Asians (Laotians, Khmer, Vietnamese, and Chinese).

Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence (2002)

Gender and Society (2002)

In this article, the authors assess the still limited literature on domestic violence among immigrant women in major receiving countries so as to begin delineating a framework to explain how immigrant-specific factors exacerbate the already vulnerable position—as dictated by class, gender, and race—of immigrant women in domestic violence situations.