The following sign-on letter, which urges timely action regarding implementation of data disaggregation measures at the federal level, was delivered to members of Congress and senior members in the Biden administration in May 2024.

Actions Needed for Successful and Timely Implementation of the Data Disaggregation Pillar of SPD 15

In March 2024, the federal government announced major revisions to how race and ethnicity data are collected across all federal agencies, under Statistical Policy Directive (SPD) 15 — including updates to the minimum reporting categories that add Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) and Hispanic/Latino to a combined category of race and ethnicity; and making detailed reporting categories, such as Vietnamese, Samoan, Haitian, and Cherokee, the default expectation for all federal agency data collections.

However, implementation is key, and our community has major concerns. We are already seeing community priorities on data disaggregation getting lost in the shuffle. 

Particular gaps, as detailed in a recent report from AAPI Data, NCAPA, SEARAC, and EPIC include: a) having no comprehensive inventory of federal data collections and whether they are disaggregated by ethnicity; b) naming no centralized body that monitors, evaluates, and provides technical assistance across federal agencies; c) having no formal and regular role for community input; and d) having no guardrails on agency exemptions that would, in effect, prevent or delay collection of detailed ethnicity data.

In order to address these gaps we, the undersigned, call on the Biden administration to take immediate action as follows:

  1. The Chief Statistician must publish a data disaggregation inventory of all current federal agency data collections by September 2024
  2. The Chief Statistician must clearly designate a centralized, coordinated body within the Office of Statistical Programs & Standards that will monitor, evaluate, and provide technical assistance across agencies by June 2024
  3. The Chief Statistician must convene the Interagency Committee on Race and Ethnicity Standards by June 2024 and begin receiving input on the collection of detailed categories by September 2024 from experts in community organizations and scientific research institutions. Two immediate areas needing community input include issuing strict guidelines on agency exemptions that prevent disaggregated data collections, and making it easier for smaller AA and NHPI groups to fill out federal forms through checkboxes.

We believe that these three measures will strengthen the federal government’s role in serving our communities. On the other hand, lack of progress on these matters will mean that federal agencies will remain unprepared to serve the needs of our communities over the next several years.

We urge you to take action on these matters now.

Thank you,

The Undersigned

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Sign-on Letter Coauthors

  1. AAPI Data
  2. National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA)
  3. Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC)
  4. Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC)

Organizational Signatories

  1. AAPI New Jersey
  2. CA Asian American Pacific Islander Community College Trustees and Administrators
  3. Advocate for Fair Treatment for All
  4. Afghan-American Community Organization (AACO)
  5. API Caucus of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
  6. API Rising
  7. APIs CAN Massachusetts
  8. Arizona Lao Association
  9. Asian American Futures
  10. Asian American Research Center on Health
  11. Asian American Youth Leadership Empowerment and Development (AALEAD)
  12. Asian American Resource Workshop (AARW)
  13. Asian American Scholar Forum (AASF)
  14. Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP)
  15. Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS)
  16. Asian Health Services
  17. Asian Mosaic Fund
  18. Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)
  19. Asian Pacific Community Fund (APCF)
  20. Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence (API-GBV)
  21. Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement (APIFM)
  22. Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance (API PA)
  23. Asian Resources, Inc.
  24. Asian Texans for Justice
  25. Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO)
  26. Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council
  27. Boat People SOS (BPSOS)
  28. California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN)
  29. Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association
  30. Center for Asian Americans in Action
  31. Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants
  32. Change Matrix
  33. Chinese American Service League (CASL)
  34. Chinese Progressive Association, Boston
  35. Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF)
  36. Coalition of AAPI Churches (CAAPIC)
  37. Community Resource Corporation (CRC)
  38. Comunidades Sin Fronteras (CSF-CT)
  39. Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement
  40. Diverse Elders Coalition
  41. Drug Policy Alliance
  42. Empowering Marginalized Asian Communities (EMAC)
  43. EveryChild California
  44. Family Bridges, Inc.
  45. Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO) Tayo
  46. Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries (FIRM)
  47. Georgia AAPI Hub
  48. Grassroots Asians Rising
  49. Hamkae Center
  50. Healthy House Merced Within a MATCH Coalition
  51. Hmong National Development, Inc. (HMD)
  52. Hmong Public Health Association 
  53. Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce (HWCC)
  54. Institute for Civic Education in Vietnam
  55. Japanese American Citizens League (JACL)
  56. Jasper Inclusion Advisors, LLC
  57. Karen Organization of San Diego
  58. Khmu National Federation, Inc.
  59. Lao American Veterans Family Association, Inc.
  60. Lao Americans Organization San Diego (LAOSD)
  61. Lao Mutual Assistance Association
  62. Laotian American National Alliance (LANA)
  63. Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP)
  64. Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
  65. ManForward
  66. Mekong Circle International
  67. Midwest Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Students Union (MAASU)
  68. MN8
  69. Montgomery County Progressive Asian American Network (MoCoPAAN)
  70. National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association (NAAPIMHA)
  71. National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse (NAPAFASA)
  72. National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF)
  73. National Asian/Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce & Entrepreneurship
  74. National Cambodian American Organization (NCAO)
  75. National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development (CAPACD)
  76. National Iranian American Council (NIAC)
  77. National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC)
  78. National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC)
  79. New Breath Foundation
  80. North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT)
  81. North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT) in Action
  82. OCA — Asian Pacific American Advocates
  83. OCA — Greater Houston
  84. OPAWL — Building AAPI Feminist Leadership
  85. Pacific Arts Movement
  86. Pacific Asian Counseling Services
  87. People’s Advisory Board for New Educational & Economic Goodwill (PABNEEG)
  88. Praxis Health Empowerment
  89. Public Wise
  90. Rising Voices
  91. Safer Together
  92. South Asian American Voter Empowerment of Texas (SAAVETX)
  93. South Asian American Voter Empowerment of Texas (SAAVETX) Education Fund
  94. Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF)
  95. South Asian Fund for Education Scholarship and Training, Inc. (SAFEST)
  96. South Asian Legal Defense Fund
  97. South Asian Public Health Association (SAPHA)
  98. South Pacific Islander Organization (SPIO)
  99. Spoehr Foundation
  100. Stone Soup Fresno
  101. Stop AAPI Hate
  102. Taulama for Tongans
  103. The Progressive Vietnamese American Organization (PIVOT)
  104. The Sikh Coalition
  105. The Southeast Asian Diaspora Project
  106. UCLA Asian American Studies Center
  107. United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance Washington (UTOPIA Washington)
  108. Viet Voices
  109. Vietnamese American Roundtable
  110. Wise Jade Coaching, LLC
  111. Xīn Shēng | 心声 Project

Individual Signatories (organization affiliation for identification purposes only)

  1. Ailene Crakes, San Diego Mesa College
  2. Akil Vohra, AAPI Data
  3. Alerie Flandez, San Jose State University
  4. Alexi Balaguer, San Diego Mesa College
  5. Alice Tang, Tufts University
  6. Alma Araneta-Garcia, Araneta Consulting LLC
  7. Alma Lopez, San Bernardino Community College District 
  8. Andrea Hecht, San Bernardino Valley College
  9. Andrew Krackov, Hillcrest Advisory
  10. Andy Chan, University of San Francisco
  11. Ankita Nikalje, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee 
  12. April Yee, The Asian American Foundation
  13. Arnab Mukherjea, California State University, East Bay
  14. Arya Hackney, Asian-Pacific American Librarians Association
  15. Barbara Kim, Dept. of Asian and Asian American Studies, CSULB
  16. Becky Xiong, State Center Community College District
  17. BethAnne Moskov, University of Texas 
  18. Bethany Tasaka, San Bernardino Community College District Asian & Pacific Islander Association 
  19. Bic Ngo, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  20. Binh Nguyen, On Lok PACE
  21. Bonnie Youn, Georgia Asian Pacific American Bar Association
  22. Bouasvanh Lor, Hmong Culture Camp, Inc. 
  23. Bounthanh Phommasathit, Lao Mutual Assistance Association
  24. Brian Goo, Chabot College
  25. Brian Lusby, University of Washington School of Medicine
  26. Brian Tsukimura, Japanese American Citizens League
  27. Camillia Lui, ARG at Public Health Institute
  28. Carmen Lanche, Comunidades Sin Fronteras CSF-CT
  29. Caroline Blethen, University of Washington School of Medicine
  30. Cathy Le, Golden West College
  31. Cheryl Balm, De Anza College
  32. Chloe de los Reyes, Crafton Hills College
  33. Chloe Rinehart, Apex for Youth
  34. Chris Lee,
  35. Chris Lee, OCA-NY
  36. Christina Griffin-Jones, Maximum Effort Foundation
  37. Christine Catipon, Asian American Psychological Association
  38. Cirian Villavicencio, California Community Colleges
  39. Clare Nolan, Engage R+D
  40. Connie Tan, AAPI Data
  41. Connor Hague, University of Washington School of Medicine
  42. Dale Shimasaki, Strategic Education Services
  43. Danae Hart, Fullerton College
  44. David Lee, Chinese American Voters Education Committee
  45. David Dutwin, NORC at the University of Chicago
  46. David Prendez, University of Washington
  47. Dawn Lagmay, APIAVote
  48. Deborah Chen, OCA-Greater Houston
  49. Deborah J Ikeda, State Center Community College Board of Trustee
  50. Demeturie Toso-Lafaele Gogue, University of California, Los Angeles
  51. Desha Staley-Raatior, Cabrillo College 
  52. Didier Trinh, Diverse Elders Coalition
  53. Erik Armstrong, College of the Sequoias
  54. Erika Braun, George Washington University
  55. Erwin John Banola, SBCCD Asian and Pacific Islander Association
  56. Eui Kyung Seo, UC Riverside
  57. F Hui, Las Positas College
  58. Fontane Lo, AAPI Data
  59. Francisco Bucio, Asian American Faculty and Staff Association- Fresno City College
  60. Genevieve Siri, Arizona Lao community
  61. Gregory Lam, Ohio Asian American Health Coalition, Ohio Institute of Communities of Color
  62. Hardy Spoehr, Spoehr Foundation
  63. hien do, SJSU 
  64. Janice Takahashi, San Joaquin Delta College
  65. Janna Louie, Coalition of AAPI Churches (CAAPIC)
  66. Jenna McDavid, SEARAC
  67. Jennifer Houston, Independent
  68. Jennifer Lee, Columbia University
  69. Jennifer Park, San Diego Mesa College
  70. Jeremiah Sataraka, California State University Bakersfield
  71. Jessica Eckerstorfer, The SEAD Project
  72. Jessica Giang, University of Washington School of Medicine
  73. Jessica Thach, UC Berkeley’s Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP)
  74. Jim Yang, Fresno City College
  75. Joan Shigekawa, United States Artists
  76. Joliana Yee, Yale University 
  77. Jordan Peyton, The Midwest Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Students Union (MAASU)
  78. Joseph Allen Ruanto-Ramirez, Southwestern College – Asian American Studies Program
  79. Joseph Pham, University of Washington School of Medicine
  80. Joyce Trompeta, University of California, San Francisco
  81. Julian Chun-Chung Chow, University of California, Berkeley
  82. Julie Cho, University of California, Irvine 
  83. Justin Lo, University of Washington School of Medicine
  84. Justin Suarez, Liberty Hill Foundation
  85. Kare’l Lokeni, Long Beach City College
  86. Karen Chow, De Anza College 
  87. Karen Crocket, Fresno City College
  88. Karen Fernandez, Highline College
  89. Karthick Ramakrishnan, AAPI Data
  90. Katherine Ally Zaslavsky, Cornell University 
  91. Katlin Choi, San Diego Mesa College 
  92. Katrina Dank, University of Washington School of Medicine
  93. Kayla Khang, Asian American Organizing Project
  94. Keiko Tsurumi, Mt San Antonio College
  95. Keith Camacho, UCLA
  96. Kelly Fong, UCLA Department of Asian American Studies
  97. Kendall Jones, University of Washington School of Medicine
  98. Kevin Gee, University of California, Davis
  99. Khampha Thephavong, Laotian-American Community of Fresno
  100. Khi Moua, Hlub Hmong Center
  101. Kouichoy Saechao, Lao Iu Mien Culture Association (LIMCA)
  102. Kristina Arevalo, CUNY
  103. Kristine Jan Espinoza, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  104. Laila Kitchen, Oceanic Student Association- University of Michigan
  105. Lany Avakian, Laotian American Community of Fresno 
  106. Laura Vu, California Hmong Advocates Network
  107. Lauren Garces, San Diego Asian Pacific Islander Coalition
  108. Leafa Taumoepeau, Taulama for Tongans 
  109. Leland Simpliciano, SD Mesa
  110. Leslie Boey, University of Minnesota
  111. Lin Crowley, APIC SPS
  112. Lisa Tealer, Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council
  113. Lornalei Suaava, Pacific Community of Alaska
  114. Lucianne Latu, Taulama for Tongans 
  115. Lucy Li, University of Washington School of Medicine
  116. Luke-Ahn Nguyen, BPSOS-Atlanta
  117. Madelyn McKeague, Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement
  118. Mai Yang, Fresno City College
  119. Manlia Xiong, College of the Sequoias
  120. Marcella Tam, MIT
  121. Margaret Chin, Hunter College, Dept of Sociology
  122. Marie Christina Maghuyop, San Bernardino Community College District
  123. Marissa Dupont, Solidarity Lowell
  124. Mary Doi, Chicago Japanese American Historical Society
  125. Mary Yang, Green Bay Asian Allies United 
  126. Mazeda Uddin, South Asian Fund For Education Scholarship and Training Inc
  127. Megan Bui, Cal Young Democratic Socialists of America 
  128. Melany De La Cruz-Viesca, UCLA Asian American Studies Center
  129. Michael Takeda, API Caucus of the Academic Senate for CA Community Colleges
  130. Michelle Lee, Amherst College
  131. Michelle Zinghang, University of Washington School of Medicine
  132. Miranda Li, University of Washington School of Medicine
  133. MyDzung Chu, Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute, ADAPT Coalition
  134. Nadia Kim, TAMU
  135. Nancy Lim-Yee, Association for Chinese Families of the Disabled
  136. Naoko Wake, Michigan State University
  137. Naseeb Bhangal, Michigan State University
  138. Nelsie Yang, Saint Paul City Council Ward 6 Office
  139. Nina Parikh, New York University, School of Global Public Health
  140. Noemi Teppang, De Anza College/Asian Pacific Staff Association 
  141. OiYan Poon, University of Maryland, College Park
  142. Patricia Greenstein, The George Washington University (Libraries and Academic Innovation)
  143. Paul Martin, SDCCD
  144. Paul Michael Atienza, Cal Poly Humboldt
  145. Phitsamay Uy, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  146. Phong Nguyen, Stanford Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity
  147. Pilar Mendoza, Engage R+D
  148. Preeti Juturu, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
  149. Que-Lam Huynh, CSU Northridge
  150. Rae Abileah, ALAS
  151. Ranen Miao, APIAVote
  152. Rebecca Nelson, OPAWL and AAMP Ohio
  153. Richard Villagomez, UC Berkeley Pacific Islander Initiative
  154. Ricky San Nicolas, House of Chamorros
  155. Rikka Venturanza, UCLA
  156. Rosa Woolsey, Whitman College
  157. Rosie Kar, Fullerton College, Ethnic Studies Department
  158. Rowena Tomaneng, Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education
  159. Roy Tongilava, South Pacific Islander Organization
  160. Ruth Marie San Filippo, San Diego Mesa College, AANAPISI
  161. Ryan Suk, Emory University
  162. Saatvik Ahluwalia, Massachusetts Asian American and Pacific Islander Commission
  163. Saba Waheed, UCLA Labor Center
  164. Serena Kirk, California Commission on Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs 
  165. Shane Anderson, API Caucus
  166. Shannon Young, RoundGlass India Center
  167. Sharon Kim, AAMP Ohio
  168. Shreena Gandhi, Michigan State University
  169. Sonexay Sanaphol, Lao American Veterans Family Association, I nc
  170. Soukprida Phetmisy, Act To Change
  171. Sovathana Sokhom, SEARAC
  172. Stephen Shaw, Oakland Public Library
  173. Sue Ann Hong-Whitaker, The Center for Asian Pacific American Women (CAPAW)
  174. Sung Park, University of Massachusetts Boston
  175. Tammy Silver, Pasadena City College
  176. Tania Laguna, SBVC
  177. Thanh Le, Western Washington University 
  178. Thu Quach, Asian Health Services
  179. Thu Nguyen, OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates
  180. Tia Moua, Asians for Collective Liberation in Spokane
  181. Tiara Naputi, University of California Irvine 
  182. Tiffany Luu, University of Washington School of Medicine
  183. Tina Tran, Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance
  184. Tracie Friedman, Khmu National Federation, Inc 
  185. Tupou Tongilava, Tonga Relief Support of America TRSA
  186. Unmi Song, Lloyd A. Fry Foundation 
  187. UrsulaAnn Siataga, SFUSD Fa’aSamoa Initiative 
  188. Van Tran, API Rising
  189. Vera Hanaoka, San Diego Mesa College
  190. Vinit Mukhija, UCLA
  191. Vinnie Wu, San Bernardino Community College District Asian Pacific Islander Association
  192. Vivian WuWong, Friends of the Chinatown Library-Boston
  193. Vong SENGCHANH, Lao-Khmu association of Oklahoma City 
  194. Whitney Ibarra, AAPI Data
  195. YanHao Wong, Cirrus Logic
  196. Yen Espiritu, University of California, San Diego
  197. Yenan Zhu, University of Florida 
  198. Zoe Hu, University of Michigan

Individual Signatories

  1. Adena Ishii
  2. Aidan O’Connor
  3. Alexa Drapiza
  4. Alice Yang
  5. Allie Kreitman
  6. Alvina Yeh
  7. Amelia Wilhelm
  8. Amy Stratton
  9. Anne Reimann-Moody
  10. Anthony Ponticello
  11. Ariel Harrison
  12. Ashley Morrow
  13. Asialyn Lee
  14. Audrey Griffitts
  15. Ayana Amaechi
  16. Benjamin Wu
  17. Billy Berger
  18. Brandi Bailes
  19. C Ghanbarpour
  20. Cali Tran
  21. Candy Stark
  22. Carolyn Oliver
  23. Caterina Reed
  24. Chanatip Fallon
  25. Charmaine Runes
  26. Chau Nguyen
  27. Cherry Lim
  28. Christi Nguyen
  29. Christine Perez
  30. Christine Santos
  31. Christopher Hnatowicz
  32. Christopher Weir
  33. Christy Pham
  34. Cindy Nguyen
  35. Cyd Hoffeld
  36. Daja Marks
  37. Dan-Thanh Nguyen
  38. Danielle Dillard, PhD
  39. Dante Dauz
  40. Dao Vang
  41. Deborah Chen
  42. Derek Pham
  43. Diana Ho
  44. Dominy Yim
  45. Doua Lo
  46. Doua Thor
  47. Elaona Lemoto
  48. Elizabeth Sweet
  49. Ellen Guyer
  50. Emily Kwan
  51. Emily Nguyen
  52. Emily Stiles
  53. Emily Wood
  54. Emma Linde
  55. Emmeline Ha, MD
  56. Esha P
  57. Ethan Nguyen
  58. Eugenia Beh
  59. Evelyn Ruiz
  60. Fatima-Iram Din
  61. Francisco Brady
  62. Georgine Vaifale
  63. Hanikka Muna
  64. Hannah Barone
  65. Hannah Kinzer
  66. Harry Budisidharta
  67. Hector Vargas
  68. Hend Mansoor
  69. Heng Lao
  70. Hien Chan
  71. Hurao Pablo-Cook
  72. Ingrid Brown
  73. Isaac Vigilla
  74. Isbah Khan
  75. Ishita Kanungo
  76. Jackie Va
  77. Jacob Campbell
  78. Jacqueline Mac
  79. Jacqueline Tran
  80. Jake Fitisemanu
  81. Jake Rodgers
  82. Jamari Robinson-Mitchell
  83. Jamari Robinson
  84. James Bao
  85. James Liou
  86. Jamie So
  87. jane cady
  88. Janelle Wong
  89. Janet Isserlis
  90. Jayda Mauga
  91. Jazzmin Gota
  92. Jennifer Barillas
  93. Jenny Lam
  94. Jeremy Khuth
  95. Jeremy Khuth
  96. Jessica Dai
  97. Jessica Shadrick
  98. Jocelyn Gonzales
  99. John Nguyen-Yap
  100. Jongwon Lee
  101. Josephine Villanueva
  102. Joylani Shibata
  103. Julie Pham
  104. Justin Nguyen
  105. Kabao Yang
  106. Kami Thepphavong
  107. Karissa Tu
  108. Kate McCarthy
  109. Kathleen Dang
  110. Kathy Taing
  111. Keisha Lewis
  112. Kelly Simons
  113. Kevin Huynh
  114. Kim Dieu
  115. Kirin Macapugay
  116. Kong Mong Yang
  117. Kristina Rallu
  118. Krystal Chuon
  119. Lauren Gentry
  120. Lauren Pongan
  121. Le Nguyen
  122. Leilani White
  123. Leilua Satele
  124. Leslie Chow
  125. Liisa Wale
  126. Lina Surianto
  127. Linda Vang
  128. Liz Hadachek
  129. Luna Lam
  130. Lutiaiafa Lago’o
  131. Maggie Quan
  132. Mai Thao
  133. Mai Neng Vang
  134. Mai Thao
  135. Maichoua Lor
  136. Malia Garcia
  137. Manasi Garg
  138. Margaret Marshall
  139. Marianne Siulangapo
  140. Marie Stebbings
  141. Mary Mulherin
  142. May Moua
  143. Megan Deangelo
  144. Meghan Shea
  145. Melinda Dang
  146. Melodie Turori
  147. Michael Pan
  148. Michelle Kang
  149. Minh-Giang Nguyen
  150. Misa Nguyen
  151. Nalee Xiong
  152. Natalie Nguyen
  153. Natalie Thiel
  154. Nayomi Her
  155. Neel Iyer
  156. Nicholas Vann
  157. Nico Tuason
  158. Nicola Forbes
  159. Nikolaus Anderson
  160. Nirvana Felix
  161. Nona Palmer
  162. Noumoua Lynaolu
  163. Ovava Eterei Afuhaamango
  164. Paige Tengeluk
  165. Pamela Funai
  166. Patricia Kim
  167. Philip Jucaban
  168. Phillip Pham
  169. Phoebe Balascio
  170. Phuongloan Vo
  171. Priya Murthy
  172. Quelani Penland
  173. Rakesh Sharma
  174. Ramey Ko
  175. Ravneet Ranu
  176. Roland Gauvin
  177. Rosemary Graham-Gardner
  178. Ryan Apathy
  179. Sally Yang
  180. Samantha Yeun
  181. Sarah Peterson
  182. Sarah Iv
  183. Sarah Schroeder
  184. Serena Bergstrom
  185. Serena Bergstrom
  186. Set Hernandez
  187. Shagufta Hakeem
  188. Shireen Hayatghaibi
  189. Shoua Yang
  190. Sid Voorakkara
  191. Sinclaire Tirona
  192. Sophia Som
  193. Stephanie Ha
  194. Sun Park
  195. SunAh Laybourn
  196. Sunnary Adeva
  197. Susan Cuong
  198. Susan Hayase
  199. Tamara Bauman
  200. Tanya Nguyen
  201. Teng Bounxayavong-Jolly
  202. Thaen Saelee
  203. Thao Nguyen
  204. Thear Chum
  205. Theresa Esparrago Lieu
  206. Thomas Moua
  207. Thuy Wong
  208. Tia Moua
  209. Tiana Teso
  210. Tiffany Vanphravong
  211. Tigana Le
  212. Tina Cheuk
  213. Toni Brooks
  214. Topher Tailler
  215. Trisha Garcia
  216. Tuan Tran
  217. Van Nguyen
  218. Vanessa Veak
  219. Vanuyen Pham
  220. Viana Chau
  221. Virginia Loh-Hagan
  222. Warren Enström
  223. Windi Sasaki
  224. Winnie Hung
  225. Yang Xiong
  226. Yasmin Padamsee Forbes
  227. Zahra Porter
  228. Zoua Lor