by Karthick Ramakrishnan and Whitney Hadiwono Ibarra

For too long, our communities have been under-estimated and under-appreciated. At AAPI Data, we are determined to change that. Join us, as we collectively work to build a better Wikipedia that recognizes the amazing diversity and contributions of our community!

Wikipedia has very few entries on AANHPI faculty, researchers, and community organizations. This is a problem since Wikipedia serves as a key marker of community recognition. We are challenging you to be effective contributors to Wikipedia—by producing new entries or by improving existing entries related to AANHPI communities. Below are tips and resources on how to start.

The Write Stuff: Ins and Outs of Wikipedia Articles

Before starting a new article, read existing Wikipedia articles. This will help you learn the style and feel of this type of writing. You should also research topics you are interested in writing about to see if they already exist on Wikipedia. If an article does exist, is there any outdated information? If so, you can edit it yourself! This is a great way to practice with Wikipedia with low stakes and does not require compiling of information.

When selecting an article topic, note that the topic must be of interest to the general public. How do you know? A way to gauge this is to see if there has already been the subject of publication in reliable, secondary, entirely independent sources that treat the topic in substantive detail. Examples are books, newspapers, magazines, or peer-reviewed scholarly journals. For further information, check out this Wikipedia article on Reliable Sources. Make sure to compile these sources – you will need them later!

Encyclopedia, not Social Media

When you submit an article, it will need to be supported with reliable sources, similar to a research paper. Make sure to keep track of these sources, so you can cite them in your article.

Wikipedia is also not a place for promotion or advocacy. When you are writing, keep in mind to have a neutral point of view. You also cannot write an article that you have a close connection to, such as yourself, the company you work for, a friend, etc. This is considered self-serving and banned from Wikipedia.

Have an idea?

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Ready to edit your first entry?

Please see our handy resource (PDF).

Would you like to create a new entry?

The instructions are similar to the ones above, but you will want to check out the video below (see the 00:14 mark) on the specifics of editing, writing, and creating a new entry. For more information, review our Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Information Session Slides and this helpful video, “What do I need to know to get my article published on Wikipedia.”