Introducing AAPI Data’s New Brand and Website

Affirming the importance of Data • Narrative • Action to uplift AA & NHPI communities

By AAPI Data

Launching A New Era of AAPI Data

We are thrilled to unveil a new website and brand for AAPI Data, marking a significant milestone in our organization’s journey. Building on over a decade of research and strategic partnerships, this rebrand represents a pivotal moment in our development, as a leading national data and policy organization that seeks to improve recognition, understanding, and prioritization of Asian American (AA) and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (NHPI) communities.

This rebrand is more than just a visual update; it signifies a new era for AAPI Data. Our new brand reflects our ongoing commitment to providing accurate data and vital insights that drive action toward effective and enduring solutions for AA and NHPI communities.

our new homepage for

Bringing Our Theory of Change to Life

Our new tagline: Data • Narrative • Action encapsulates our organization’s ethos and theory of change that lies at the heart of our work. We know that accurate, timely, and accessible data provides a strong foundation for solutions that address community needs and concerns. We also know that narratives provide important context for interpretation, and in turn can shape future understandings about a community or an issue. Our experience also tells us that we need to be ready to recommend actions that generate effective and enduring solutions.

To summarize, our DNA: Data, Narrative, Action framework recognizes the transformative power of accurate data that supports community narratives and drives action toward enduring solutions for our communities.

Our new logo mark visually illustrates these three interwoven components of our theory of change:

Join Us In This New Journey

At the core, we are still the same AAPI Data, but with a new and invigorating energy as our team and our communities continue to grow. We are grateful to have you with us on this new phase of our journey, as a long-time supporter or a brand new one — we’re excited to go farther and create much greater impact, together.