Meet the 2024 DNA Fellows Cohort Shaping AANHPI Communities

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural cohort of the Data-Narrative-Action (DNA) Fellowship Program, an initiative launched in partnership with AAPI Data, APIAVote, Asian Pacific Fund, and Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC). This virtual, six-month fellowship aims to connect Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) non-profit organizations with current or recently graduated undergraduate and graduate students, fostering hands-on experience in action-oriented research, data collection, and external communication.

Introducing the Fellows

Elizabeth Sweet (AAPI Data)

A recent graduate from the University of Washington, Seattle, Elizabeth is exploring public opinion among AANHPI adoptees. Her project seeks to understand their unique intersectional issues, contributing to a broader understanding of identity and belonging within the community.

Lisa Le (AAPI Data)

Lisa is a recent UCLA graduate from San Jose, CA and her project focuses on higher education and healthcare accessibility in AAPI communities. Her project reflects a deep commitment to uplifting AANHPI voices and addressing disparities in access to essential resources.

Nayomi Her (AAPI Data)

Nayomi, a senior at St. Catherine University from Saint Paul, MN, is exploring the impact of minority-serving institutions on Southeast Asian college graduation rates. Her work challenges the model minority myth and aims to promote educational equity.

Resty Fufunan (AAPI Data)

Resty, a senior at Yale University from Chicago, IL, is leveraging data to predict Asian American voting patterns, emphasizing the diversity within the community. His project aims to inform and empower the AAPI community ahead of the 2024 elections.

Dawn Lagmay (APIAVote)

From Baltimore, MD, and a recent graduate of the University of California, San Diego, Dawn brings a wealth of experience from political campaigns and mentorship roles. As a Data Fellow at APIAVote, she’s delving into the Asian American Voter Survey project, aiming to enhance voter outreach and education strategies.

Ranen Miao (APIAVote)

Ranen, a recent graduate from Washington University in St. Louis, is focused on engaging AANHPI youth through comprehensive surveys and case studies. His work with APIAVote seeks to strengthen civic engagement and understanding within the AANHPI community.

Kelsey Foster (Asian Pacific Fund)

Kelsey, a Master’s student in Health Administration from Newark, CA, is working on assessing the demographic data available on AANHPIs in the Bay Area, focusing on economic security, mental health, and language access. Her project is a step towards addressing the needs and gaps within these communities.

Sandi Khine (Asian Pacific Fund)

Sandi, a junior at Stanford University from Arcadia, CA, is assessing the state of AANHPIs in the Bay Area, focusing on economic security, mental health, and language access. Her work aims to provide actionable insights for addressing community needs.

Anamalia Su’esu’e (EPIC)

Hailing from Hawai’i and a doctoral student in Community Psychology at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Anamalia’s work focuses on culturally responsive policies for Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. Her dedication to health equity and community well-being drives her participation in the fellowship.

Ina Thigith (EPIC)

Ina, based in Oak Bluffs, MA, and a graduate student at The Fletcher School at Tufts University, is committed to engaging with the Pacific Islander community through data and storytelling. Her work aims to address the representation and needs of Pacific Islanders through innovative data visualization and narrative techniques.

Paige Tengeluk (EPIC)

Paige, a Political Science MA student from Modesto, CA, is dedicated to empowering Pacific Islander communities through advocacy and data. Her project aims to enhance community voice in policy discussions and improve the well-being of Pacific Islanders.