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478 educators signed the following open letter, clarifying the rationale and reaffirming support for the collection of detailed data on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

An Open Letter from Asian American & Pacific Islander Educators
in Support of Collecting Detailed Data on Asian Americans

August 9, 2017

As Asian American and Pacific Islander educators in K-12 schools, colleges and universities across the nation, we are deeply alarmed by growing opposition to the collection of detailed data on Asian Americans.

This opposition has emerged from within our own Asian American communities.  Recently, a group of about 50 Chinese Americans in Rhode Island (including many children) protested the state’s All Students Count Act, a policy change championed by the Alliance of Rhode Island Southeast Asians for Education (ARISE) and Asian American youth groups like PrYSM. This new state law requires the department of “elementary and secondary education to use separate collection categories/tabulations for specified Asian ethnic groups in every demographic report on ancestry or ethnic origins of residents.”

The protest in Rhode Island follows similar protest actions by Chinese parents in California, first when data disaggregation was being debated in the state legislature, and subsequently as school districts began implementing detailed data collection to better serve their student populations.

Opponents in both California and Rhode Island have used incendiary and misleading language to describe the potential consequences of the law, comparing it to data collected by the Nazis to persecute Jews and single them out for genocide.

This assertion is outrageous, and ignores the history and purpose of collecting detailed data on Asian Americans.

Collecting detailed data on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) means that data are separated into different ethnic categories. While Asian Americans can report their identity as “Asian,” they are also able to volunteer an additional category, such as “Chinese,” “Korean,” or “Vietnamese.” They may also select more than one ethnic category. Data disaggregation is a mainstay of U.S. Census data collections, and is critical for AAPI communities pushing for greater ballot language assistance, bilingual education, mental health assistance for students, and culturally competent care by county hospitals.

For the last three decades, Asian American & Pacific Islander community leaders, elected officials, researchers, educators, and students have called for further collection of these detailed data.  The call for detailed data emerged most powerfully after 1965, when the United States ended its restrictive quotas by national origin. As the AAPI community grew, government agencies, schools, and the larger population failed to distinguish between different national-origin and ethnic groups, with distinct histories, experiences, and social needs, lumping all people of Asian origin together.  This lumping resulted in inadequate recognition of the unique challenges among different ethnic groups in the Asian American population. Consequently, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and social service providers often misunderstood and overlooked these growing communities’ needs.

As educators, we strive to better understand the challenges faced by our student populations, and to better serve and support their varied educational needs.  We cannot do this without high-quality data. For example, Cambodian, Laotian, Native Hawaiian, and Samoan Americans have among the lowest rates of graduation from community college.  Mental health issues also vary across the Asian American population, with some groups such as Chinese American women showing higher rates of suicide than other Asian American groups.  High-quality, detailed data is essential to understanding student challenges in all communities, and is vital to securing public and private resources to help students in need.

To compare the current effort to collect data on Asian Americans to the tactics of Nazi Germany is irresponsible. Historically, Asian Americans, including Chinese Americans, have been at the forefront of calls for detailed data collection. The purpose of these data is not to single-out a group for persecution or surveillance, but to better recognize and support all segments of our community, and to ensure that all students count in education.

As educators, we believe it is imperative to continue the push for high-quality, detailed data that can serve the diverse needs of our Asian American and Pacific Islander students.


The undersigned (institutional affiliation provided for identification purposes only).

  1. Aaron Parayno, Assistant Director- Asian American Center at Northeastern University
  2. Abbie Bates, UCLA
  3. Abby Chien, Program Manager, University of Michigan
  4. Abhinav Mishra, Medical Student- Texas Tech Health Science Center Paul L. Foster School of Medicine.
  5. Aggie Noah, Assistant Professor; Arizona State University
  6. Ah Young Chi, School Counselor, Hong Kong International School
  7. Alethea Serna, Associate Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  8. Alisa Carithers, Academic Advisor, Cal State L.A.
  9. Allan Colbern, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
  10. Alyss Dixson, Lecturer, San Francisco State University
  11. Amanda Assalone, Postdoctoral Research & Policy Analyst, Southern Education Foundation
  12. Amanda Seaman, Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  13. Ami Thakkar, Resident Director at Loyola University Chicago
  14. Amita Manghnani, Director of Public Programs, Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU
  15. Amy Bhatt, Associate Professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  16. Ana Rossetti, Assistant Dean, Illinois Institute of Technology
  17. Andre Yang, Lecturer, California State University, Fresno
  18. Andrew Chin, Professor, University of North Carolina School of Law
  19. Andrew Leong, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
  20. Andrew Yao, Teacher – Manor ISD
  21. Angela Arunarsirakul, Educator
  22. Angela Kong, Instructor and Program Coordinator, UCSD
  23. Angela Vo, Former Teacher
  24. Angela Wu, Assistant Director, Williams College
  25. Angie Chung, Associate Professor, University at Albany
  26. Angie Kim, Residence Hall Assistant Director, New York University
  27. Anjela Wong, teacher educator
  28. Ankita Rakhe, Assistant Dean/Associate Director, Stanford University
  29. Anna Gonzalez, organizer, association for asian american studies
  30. Anna Lau, Professor, UCLA
  31. Anna Takahashi, Director of College Counseling, Eastside College Preparatory School
  32. Annabelle Estera, Graduate Assistant, Michigan State University
  33. Anne Joh, Professor of Theology and Culture
  34. Anne Saw, Assistant Professor, DePaul University
  35. Anne Vo, Assistant Professor of Medical Education / USC
  36. Anthony Antonio, Assoc Professor of Education, Stanford University
  37. Anthony Kim, Program Coordinator, Colorado State University
  38. Antony Wong, Program Coordinator, AAARI-CUNY
  39. Anuradha Advani, Teacher, Simon Academics, Inc.
  40. Arshad Ali, Assistant Professor, George Washington University
  41. Arun Ponnusamy, Head Counselor & Vice President, Collegewise
  42. Bach Mai Dolly Nguyen, University of California, Los Angeles
  43. Baldeep Pabla, Lecturer, San Francisco State University
  44. Barbara Kim, Professor, Dept. of Asian and Asian American Studies, CSULB
  45. Barry Chaiveera, Assistant Director, UCLA
  46. Ben Medeiros, Housing & Residence Life Administrator within Student Affairs
  47. Benedicto Llave, Department Coordinator, Cesar Chavez Community Action Center, San Jose State University
  48. Benjamin Chang, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
  49. Bernard Liang, Director, Center for Student Involvement, Seattle University
  50. Betina Hsieh, Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach
  51. Bianca Louie, Instructor – City College of San Francisco
  52. Bianca Nepales, Director, TFA
  53. Bill Hing, University of San Francisco school of law
  54. Billy Hsu, University of Pennsylvania
  55. Brant Lee, Professor of Law, University of Akron School of Law”
  56. Brenda Dao, Program Manager and University of Washington, Bothell
  57. Brian Arao, College Administrative Officer, UC Santa Cruz
  58. Brittany Chen, Director, Health Resources in Action; Guest lecturer, Boston University
  59. Aujean Lee, PhD Candidate, UCLA
  60. N. Le, Director, Asian & Asian American Studies Certificate Program, UMass Amherst
  61. Cam Nguyen, University of California, Irvine
  62. Camille Pannu, Clinical Director, UC Davis School of Law
  63. Camillia Lui, Associate Scientist
  64. Candace Chow, Postdoc, University of Utah
  65. Caroline Hong, Assistant Professor, Queens College CUNY
  66. Charlene Martinez, Associate Director, Oregon State University
  67. Charles Andrean, Northwestern University, Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life
  68. Charles Lu, Executive Director – University of Texas at Austin
  69. Charles Sasaki, Dean of Academic Affairs
  70. Charmaine Banther, Chair, NEA Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus
  71. Charmaine Runes, Research Assistant, The Urban Institute
  72. chee ia yang, Program Manager, University of Michigan
  73. Chenda Duong, English Teacher at Lago Vista High School (Texas)
  74. Cherry Lim, Asian American Student Advancement Program Specialist, Middlesex Community College
  75. Chhoun Mey, Instructional Technology Curriculum Leader/Bellevue School District
  76. Chris Haynes, Assistant Professor, New Haven
  77. Chrissy Lau, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
  78. Christina Carpio, Assistant Director, Asian American Cultural Center, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  79. Christina Yao, Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  80. Chu Huang, Co-Chair of the Chinatown Resident Association (Boston, MA)
  81. Chu Ly, Boston University
  82. Claire Jean Kim, University of California, Irvine
  83. Cleda Wang, Assistant Director for Residence Life at University of Wisconsin -Madison
  84. Clement Lai, Associate Professor, California State University – Northridge
  85. Corey Gin, Director, California State University East Bay, Staff Co-Chair, Asian Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff Association
  86. Corinne Kodama, AANAPISI Research Specialist, University of Illinois at Chicago
  87. Curtiss Rooks, Loyola Marymount University
  88. Cynya Michelle Ko, Independent
  89. Dan Ocampo, Director of Residential Life/Visiting Assistant Professor
  90. Danny Khuu, Associate, Solano County Library
  91. Daren Mooko, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Whitman College
  92. David Kyuman Kim, Professor, Connecticut College
  93. David Pe, Associate Dean of Students / NYU Shanghai
  94. David Roh, Associate Professor, University of Utah
  95. David Song, Stanford University
  96. David Surratt, Associate Vice Chancellor – University of California, Berkeley
  97. Dawn Lee Tu, Interim Associate Dean of Students, UC Berkeley
  98. Dean Choi, Former Program Coordinator for Campus Life, Diverse Communities at Washington University in St. Louis
  99. Debra Arellano, Academic Support, Honolulu Community College
  100. Debra Pacio, Master’s of Arts in Education Student, Stanford University
  101. Delia Cheung Hom, Director, Asian American Center, Northeastern University
  102. Demeturie Gogue, First Generation Student Programs Coordinator; University of Redlands
  103. Denise Yee, Student Services Advisor, University of California Berkeley
  104. Der Vang, Iowa State University
  105. Derek Furukawa, Assistant Vice Provost, University of Nevada, Reno
  106. Desmond Leung, Adjunct Lecturer, Baruch College
  107. Devita Bishundat, Assistant Director, Center for Multicultural Equity & Access; Georgetown University
  108. Dian Squire, Iowa state university
  109. Diana Pan, Assistant Professor, Brooklyn College
  110. Dimpal Jain, Associate Professor, California State University, Northridge
  111. Dina Maramba, Associate Professor of Higher Education, Claremont Graduate University
  112. Dina Okamoto, Professor of Sociology, Indiana University
  113. DJ Kuttin Kandi Custodio-Tan, Artist-Activist, Scholar
  114. Dominic Wang, Lecturer, Stanford University
  115. Donald Kimura, Teacher, Clark County School District
  116. Douglas Lee, Assistant Director, Student Leadership & Involvement at the University of Utah Asia Campus
  117. Ducha Hang, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Salve Regina University
  118. Ed Curammeng, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, California State University, Dominguez Hills
  119. Edward Chang, Professor, UC Riverside
  120. Edward Chi, University of Southern California
  121. Edward Hashima, Professor and Director of Center for Teaching and Learning
  122. Elaine Dolalas, Student Affairs Officer, University of California, Los Angeles
  123. Elizabeth Park, University of Southern California
  124. Elizabeth Pili, Director of College Counseling Initiatives, Horace Mann School
  125. Ellen Wang, Program Officer, Nellie Mae Education Foundation
  126. Elvin Chan, Assistant Director, Asian American Resource and Cultural Center, The University of Illinois at Chicago
  127. Emily Roh, Cross Cultural Coordinator, Pasadena City College
  128. Emy Cardoza, Assistant Dean of Student Life, Barnard College
  129. Eric Mar, Asst Professor, College of Ethnic Studies/San Francisco State University
  130. Eric Tang, Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
  131. Erica Yamamura, Seattle University, Student Development Administration, College of Education
  132. Erick Nunez, UNIS
  133. Erin Hashimoto Martell, Director of Instruction, Dearborn STEM Academy, Boston
  134. erin K Ninh, Associate Professor, UC Santa Barbara
  135. Ester Sihite, PhD Candidate, Loyola University Chicago
  136. Eugene Lim, librarian, CUNY
  137. Eugenia Beh, Librarian, MIT
  138. Eungsoo An, Teacher, NYCDOE
  139. Eva Li, Special Education Teacher – NYC DOE
  140. Eve Chan, ELL Facilitator at Jing Mei Elementary in Bellevue School District, WA
  141. Fanny Yeung, Educational Effectiveness Research Manager, California State University, East Bay
  142. Federick Ngo, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada Las Vegas
  143. Fong Tran, Director of Student Activities, College of Alameda
  144. Franklin Odo, John J McCloy Visiting Professor of American Institutions and Intl Diplomacy
  145. Fred Lee, Assistant Professor, Political Science and Asian American Studies, University of Connecticut, Storrs
  146. Fred Williams, Career Counselor, University of Minnesota
  147. Funie Hsu, Assistant Professor of American Studies, San Jose State University
  148. Garrett Chan, Elementary School Teacher, NBPTS
  149. George Villanueva, Loyola University Chicago
  150. Glenn DeGuzman, Director of Residential Education / University of California, Berkeley
  151. Go Sasaki, Teacher, Boston Public Schools
  152. Grace Kao, Associate Professor of Ethics, Claremont School of Theology
  153. Grace Kyungwon Hong, Professor, Department of Asian American Studies, UCLA
  154. Grace Yoo, Professor, San Francisco State University, Asian American Studies
  155. Gregory Toya, Director, El Camino College
  156. Hahrie Han, Anton Vonk Professor of Political Science, UCSB
  157. Haivan Hoang, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  158. Helen Kim, Assistant Professor, Emory
  159. Helen Li, unaffiliated
  160. Henry Lo, School Boardmember
  161. Hoa Bui, Resident Director Miami University
  162. Hui Xie, UW-Milwaukee
  163. Hyon Chu Yi-Baker, San Jose State University
  164. Inderpal Grewal, Yale University
  165. Irene Hsu, Editorial Intern, Graywolf Press
  166. Irene Yoon, Asst Professor, University of Utah
  167. Iyko Day, Associate Professor, Mount Holyoke College
  168. Jaideep Singh, Independent Scholar
  169. Jaishri Shankar, Washington Leadership Academy, teacher
  170. James Lee, Associate Professor of Asian American Studies & Englsh, University of California, Irvine
  171. James Wu, Resident Director (University of California, Berkeley)
  172. Jamie Kim, St. John’s school, college counselor
  173. Jane H. Yamashiro, Instructor, Patten University at San Quentin
  174. Jane Naomi Iwamura, University of the West
  175. Janelle Wong, Professor, University of Maryland, College Park
  176. Janet Nishihara, Director, Oregon State University
  177. Jared Lessard, Senior Research & Planning Analyst, Saddleback College
  178. Jasleen Kohli, Director, Critical Race Studies Program, UCLA School of Law
  179. Jasmine Dieu, Counselor Irvine Valley College
  180. Jasmine Mageno, Interim Project Manager, TRIO Programs; Rio Hondo College
  181. Jason Chan, Doctoral Candidate, UCLA
  182. Jason Kong, Program Coordinator, Columbia University – Mailman School of Public Health
  183. Jay Chen, Trustee, Mt. San Antonio College
  184. Jean Wing, Executive Director, Research Assessment & Data, Oakland Unified School District
  185. Jean-Paul deGuzman, Lecturer, UCLA
  186. Jeff Wong, Associate Director of College Counseling, Lycée Français de New York
  187. Jeffrey Alton, Associate Director, University of Illinois at Chicago
  188. Jennifer Lee, Professor of Sociology, Columbia University
  189. Jennifer Thach, International Admissions Coordinator – Miami University
  190. Jenny Qin, Doctoral Intern in Clinical Psychology, Georgia State University
  191. jeremiah jeffries, Teachers 4 Social Justice & SF Public Schools
  192. Jerry Park, Associate Professor of Sociology, Baylor University
  193. Jessica Tang, President, Boston Teachers Union
  194. Jessica Tsai, Teacher, Boston Public Schools
  195. Ji Lee, Rutgers University, Director Asian American Cultural Center
  196. Jiannbin Shiao, Associate Professor, University of Oregon
  197. Jimiliz Valiente-Neighbours, Assistant Professor, Point Loma Nazarene University
  198. Jin Young Choi, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School
  199. Jinah Kim, California State University, Northridge
  200. Jiwon Lee, Assistant Principal- Mastery Charter Schools
  201. Joanie Brotman, College Counselor, Parker School
  202. JoAnn Cornell, Director, Asian Pacific American Cultural Center at Colorado State University
  203. Joanna Cham, Lead for Emerging Literacies Librarian, UCLA Library
  204. JoeAnn Nguyen, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Riverside
  205. John Cheng, Associate Professor, Dept. of Asian and Asian American Studies, Binghamton University
  206. John Chin, Professor, Hunter College, City University of New York
  207. John Garcia, Research Professor, University of Michigan
  208. Johnny Trinh, High School Teacher
  209. Joi Torres, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, St. Edward’s University
  210. Jolynn Asato, Adjunct Professor San Jose State University
  211. Jonathan Tran, Adjunct Professor, California State University Sacramento
  212. Jonathan Yip, Science Teacher, Physics, Lynn Classical High School”
  213. Joti Singh, Teacher, Asawa SF School of the Arts, San Francisco USD
  214. Joy Hannibal, Academic Advisor, Michigan State University
  215. Joy Tiongson, Project Specialist- Irvine Valley college
  216. Joyce Lui, Interim Dean of Research, San Jose City College
  217. Joyce Ting, Arts Educator
  218. Jude Paul Dizon, Assistant Director, Office for Multicultural Learning, Santa Clara University
  219. Julie J. Park, Associate Professor, University of Maryland, College Park
  220. Julie Moore, Librarian, California State University, Fresno”
  221. Julie Park, Director, Asian American Studies & Associate Professor, Sociology at the University of Maryland
  222. Jung Kim, Associate Professor of Reading and Literacy, Lewis University
  223. Justin Hua, Residence Hall Director (GSU)
  224. Justin Tandingan, Managing Director of Recruitment, Teach For America
  225. Jyoti Nanda, Binder Clinical Teaching Fellow, UCLA School of Law
  226. Christine Pae, Associate Professor of Ethics/Religion, Denison University
  227. Kai Kai Mascarenas, Coordinator, Asian American & Pacific Islander Student Involvement and Advocacy, University of Maryland, College Park
  228. Kara Takasaki, UT Austin
  229. Karthick Ramakrishnan, Professor, UC Riverside
  230. Kathleen Yep, Associate Dean of Faculty, Pitzer College of the Claremont Colleges
  231. Kathryn Au, University of Hawaii (retired)
  232. Katie Li, Teacher, Boston Public Schools
  233. Kay Fujiyoshi, Instructor UChicago UTEP
  234. Kayoko Yokoyama, Professor JFK University
  235. Keith Camacho, Associate Professor, UCLA
  236. Keith Catone, Associate Director of Community Organizing and Engagement, Annenberg Institute for School Reform
  237. Kelly Fong, Lecturer, California State University Northridge
  238. Ken Fujimoto, Assistant Professor
  239. Kenneth Importante, Assistant Director – Asian American Cultural Center – Univ of Illinois
  240. Kent Ono, Professor, University of Utah
  241. Kevin Chastain, Coordinator of Student Programs of Residential Life at University of California, Riverside
  242. Kevin Gin, Associate Dean for Institutional Effectiveness, Holy Names University
  243. Khanh Dinh, Professor of Psychology, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  244. Khoi Nguyen, Lecturer/PhD Student GMU
  245. Kieu Pham, Chemistry teacher @ Milpitas high school
  246. Kim D Chanbonpin, Professor of Law, The John Marshall Law School
  247. Kim Geron, Professor, California State University East Bay
  248. Kimanh Truong, Teacher, St.Hope Public Schools
  249. Kimberly Griffin, Associate Professor, University of Maryland
  250. Kimberly McKee, Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University
  251. Kimberly Truong, Director of Inclusion Programs, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
  252. Kirin Macapugay, Assistant Professor, San Diego City College
  253. Kristen Surla, Graduate Assistant for Residence Life at Loyola University Chicago
  254. Kristian Marie Ocampo, Community Advisor for Retention, UC Davis
  255. Kristine Bacani, Residence Hall Assistant Director, New York University
  256. Kristine Yu, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  257. Kristy Shih, Associate Professor, Central Michigan University
  258. Kurt Dela Cruz, Senior Adviser, University of Hawaii at Hilo
  259. Kyle Abraham, Stanford University
  260. Kyle Reyes, Special Assistant to the President for Inclusion – Utah Valley University
  261. Kylie Stamm, Assistant Director for Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education at George Mason University
  262. Larry Hashima, Lecturer, Asian & Asian American Studies, CSU Long Beach
  263. Laura Chen-Schultz, Deputy Director, NYU
  264. Laura Kina, Professor Art, Media, & Design and Director Critical Ethnic Studies DePaul University
  265. Laura Young, Director, Enrollment Management, UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture”
  266. Leezel Ramos, Assistant Director of Career Services, Seattle University
  267. Leigh Patel, Professor, University of California, Riverside
  268. Leilani Kupo, Associate Dean of Students at UC Merced
  269. Leland Simpliciano, Counselor at Los Angeles Harbor College
  270. Leonard Cruz, Leonard Cruz Ph.D. in Urban Education with a focus on the performing and creative arts. Impuls E.v. Bremen, Germany
  271. Leslie Wang, Assistant Professor, UMass Boston
  272. Lester Manzano, Assistant Dean, Loyola University Chicago
  273. Lien Sanchez, UC Davis
  274. Lieu Nguyen, Vietnamese Youth Liaison – Boston Police Department C-11
  275. Linda Le, Roses in Concrete
  276. Linda Vo, University of California, Irvine
  277. Lisa Hirai Tsuchitani, Faculty, UC Berkeley
  278. Lisa Ikemoto, Professor, U.C. Davis School of Law
  279. Lisa Millora, Senior Assistant Provost, Santa Clara University
  280. Lisa Park, Professor, UC-Santa Barbara
  281. Lisa Thao, Special Projects Coordinator, St. Paul Public School/Office of Equity
  282. Lisa Yang, Recruitment Associate at Teach for America
  283. Liza Talusan, Associate Adjunct Instructor, University of Massachusetts Boston
  284. loan dao, professor, u mass boston
  285. Lois Takahashi, Professor, USC Price School of Public Policy
  286. Long Wu, Assistant Director, NYU Career Services
  287. Long Wu, Assistant Director, NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development
  288. Lori Lopez, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  289. Lori Yi, Academic Advisor, George Mason University
  290. Luna Ly, CU Boulder
  291. Lynn Huynh, Resident Director, Miami University
  292. Maggie Chen Hernandez, Mosaic: Multicultural Unity Center of Michigan State University
  293. Malaphone Phommasa, Director of Academic Success Initiatives; UC Santa Barbara
  294. Mandy Pan, Recruitment Associate at Teach For America
  295. Manju Kulkarni, Lecturer, UCLA
  296. Marc Johnston-Guerrero, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
  297. Margaret Chin, Associate Professor, Hunter College and the Graduate Center (CUNY)
  298. Maria Bates-Colmenar, Professor, Pierce College
  299. Maria Bates, Pierce College
  300. Marian Sunabe, School Psychologist, Temple City Unified Sch. Dist.
  301. Marie Bigham, Director of College Counseling, Isidore Newman School
  302. Marie Johnston, Assistant director, international student center at Seattle university
  303. Marjorie Kagawa Singer, Research Professor, UCLA
  304. Mark Bautista, SFSU
  305. mark carolino, Career counselor, UC Irvine
  306. Mark Martell, Director and Adjunct Facaulty, University of Illinois at Chicago
  307. Mark Nagasawa, Assistant Professor, Erikson Institute, a graduate school of child development
  308. Mark Villacorta, Senior Lead, Diversity & Equity, Concordia University
  309. Mary Danico, Professor, Cal Poly Pomona
  310. Mary Ho, Assistant Dean and University of Southern California
  311. Mary Yee, Doctoral Candidate, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
  312. Matt Johnson, Associate Professor, Central Michigan University
  313. Maxwell Leung, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Critical Studies, California College of the Arts
  314. May-lee Chai, Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University
  315. Megan Segoshi, Loyola University Chicago
  316. Melany De La Cruz-Viesca, Assistant Director, UCLA
  317. Melissa Knoll, Irvine Valley College
  318. Melissa-Ann Nievera-Lozano, Adjunct faculty, San Francisco State University
  319. Michael Chen, Superintendent (2015-2017), Valley Christian Schools in Dublin CA
  320. Michael Karim, PhD Candidate, Fuller Theological Seminary
  321. Michael Kurland, Graduation and Retention Specialist / CSUN
  322. Michael Omi, UC Berkeley
  323. Michelle Lee, Retention Coordinator, Portland State University
  324. Michelle Tan, Illinois School of professional psychology
  325. Miguel Abad, Teaching Assistant – University of California, Irvine
  326. Miliann Kang, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  327. Min Zhou, Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
  328. Mitsu Narui, Associate Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Capital University
  329. Miya Sommers, Program Specialist-APASD, UC Berkeley
  330. Monica Bourommavong, Youth Organizer, Southeast Asian Coalition
  331. Monica Nixon, Saint Joseph’s University Assistant Provost for Inclusion and Diversity
  332. Mory Chhom, Program Manager at VYDC
  333. Murali Paranandi, Professor, Miami University
  334. Muttika Chaturabul, UC Berkeley
  335. Mytoan Nguyen Akbar, University of Washington, Seattle
  336. Nadia Kim, Professor, Loyola Marymount Univ
  337. Naeem Khan, Drew University
  338. Nancy Tien, Nancy Tien, Dallas Independent School District
  339. Nancy Xiong, George Mason University
  340. Nancy Yuen, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology, Biola University
  341. Naseeb Bhangal, Loyola University Chicago
  342. Natalie Masuoka, Associate Professor of Political Science, Tufts University
  343. Neha Raheja, Teacher, Dallas Independent School District
  344. Neha Singhal, High School Social Studies Teacher, Silver Spring, MD
  345. Nicholas Hartlep, Assistant Professor of Urban Education, Metropolitan State University
  346. Nicole Reyes, Assistant Professor, The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
  347. Nikki Chun, California Institute of Technology, Senior Associate Director of Admissions
  348. Nina Asher, University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
  349. Nitasha Sharma, Associate Professor, Northwestern U
  350. Noki Seekao, Director of Student Life, California College of the Arts
  351. Nora Yasumura, Prep Class Dean, Hotchkiss School
  352. Noreen Rodriguez, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University
  353. OiYan Poon, Assistant Professor, Colorado State University
  354. Oliver Wang, Professor of Sociology, CSU-Long Beach
  355. Paige Gardner, Loyola University Chicago
  356. Paolo Soriano, Cosumnes River College
  357. Paru Shah, Professor, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  358. Patricia Halagao, Professor, University of Hawaii, Manoa
  359. Patricia Kim, PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
  360. Patricia Liu, Chinese Teacher, Christian Heritage School
  361. Patrick Lorenzo, Presentation High School
  362. Patti Sakurai, Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies, Oregon State University
  363. Paul Ong, Director, UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge
  364. Paul Watanabe, Professor, U. of Massachusetts Boston
  365. Paula Hentz, Director of International Learning at Stetson University
  366. Pei-te Lien, professor, UCSB
  367. peter kiang, Professor and Director, Asian American Studies Program, UMass Boston
  368. Peyton Wu, Program Coordinator, University of Cincinnati
  369. Phitsamay Uy, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell College of Education
  370. Prema Kurien, Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology, Syracuse University
  371. Priscilla Ju, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at UC San Diego
  372. Purvi Patel, Assistant Director, Washington University in St. Louis
  373. Queena Hoang, Assistant Director for the Asian Pacific American Student Services, University of Southern California
  374. Rachel Endo, Dean, School of Education, University of Washington Tacoma
  375. Rachel Luna, Samuel Merritt University
  376. raja bhattar, educator
  377. Ramona Gupta, Coordinator of Asian American Cultural Affairs, Columbia College Chicago
  378. Renee Tajima-Peña, Professor, UCLA
  379. Reuben Deleon, GSEIS (HEOC) at UCLA
  380. Rican Vue, Assistant Professor, Oregon State University
  381. Rikka Venturanza, Sac State
  382. rita zhang, Acting Director, Asian Pacific American Student Development, UC Berkeley
  383. Robert Bachini, Director of Undergraduate Programs, Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii at Manao
  384. Robert Teranishi, Professor, UCLA
  385. Robyn Rodriguez, Associate Professor, Asian American Studies, UC Davis
  386. Rosemary Perez, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University
  387. Roxanna Bautista, Owner, Rise Up Solutions
  388. Russell Jeung, Professor, Asian American Studies, SF State University
  389. Ruth Le, RSP Teacher, LAUSD
  390. Ryan Yokota, Adjunct Instructor, DePaul University
  391. Sally Myles, New Teacher Induction Teacher Specialist for Glendale Unified School District
  392. Sam Museus, Associate Professor, Indiana University
  393. Sam Tsang, adjunct professor of Carey College, Ambrose University, Hong Kong Theological Seminary
  394. Samantha Ng, Admission Officer, DePaul University
  395. Sangay Mishra, Drew University, Madison, NJ
  396. Sara Furr, Director, Center for Identity, Inclusion & Social Change, DePaul University
  397. Sarah Chang, Math teacher and IB coordinator, Boston Public Schools
  398. Sarah Dahlen, Associate Professor, St. Catherine University
  399. Sarah Gallenberg, Director of Diversity and Inclusion Regis College
  400. Sarah Ha, Senior Managing Director, National Asian American & Pacific Islander Alliances, Teach For America
  401. Satugarn Limthongviratn, Program Coordinator for the Asian Pacific American Resource Center at University of Minnesota Twin Cities | Executive Director of the Midwest Asian American Students Union
  402. Sefa Aina, Board Chair, EPIC (Empowering Pacific Islander Communities)
  403. Selima Jumarali, Associate Director, New York University
  404. Sharon Chia Claros, Associate Director for Diversity & Inclusion, Michigan State University
  405. Sharon Suh, Professor, Seattle University
  406. Shelly Hsu, Articulation Analyst, California State University, Fullerton
  407. Sherman Bigornia, Research Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts Lowell
  408. Sherwin Mendoza, Instructor, Asian American Literature, De Anza College
  409. Simeon Alojipan, Asian American Studies Research Assistant, San Francisco State University
  410. Simon Kim, Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs, California State University Long Beach
  411. Siobhan Hunter, Managing Director, Corporate, Foundation, and Government Affairs; Teach For America
  412. Sona Shah, University of Texas at Austin
  413. Soo Ahn, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University
  414. Sophia Kim, High School Program Director, Stanford University
  415. Sora Tanjasiri, Professor, California State University, Fullerton
  416. Soumya Mathew, Residence Director, University of San Francisco
  417. Stanley Thangaraj, City college of New York
  418. Stephane Tchang, Community Coordinator; California State University – Fullerton
  419. Stephanie Chang, Director of Student Diversity & Inclusion, University of Delaware
  420. Stephanie Hedani, NH Counselor, UHMC
  421. Stephanie Mathew, Research Associate, Indiana University–Bloomington
  422. Stephanie Yim, Teacher, KIPP
  423. Stephen Deaderick, Program Specialist, Social Justice Education at The Ohio State University
  424. Stephen Suh, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  425. Sue Kim, Professor of English & Co-Director of the Center for Asian American Studies, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  426. Sung-Choon Park, PhD, The New School
  427. Sunli Kim, Summit Public Schools
  428. Suresh Mudragada, Assoc. Dir. for the Center for Identity, Inclusion and Social Change, DePaul University
  429. Susan Nakaoka, Assistant Professor, University of Hawai‘i
  430. Suzanne Im, Los Angeles Public Library
  431. Sy Stokes, USC Race & Equity Center
  432. Taeku Lee, Professor, University of California at Berkeley
  433. Taiyo Ebato, Educator
  434. Tanvi Yenna, University of Iowa
  435. Tarry Hum, Professor, City University of New York
  436. Tawni Murphy, Teacher, Clark County School District
  437. Tedd Vanadilok, Director, Center for Student Involvement, Santa Clara University
  438. Tera Nakata, Diversity and Inclusion Case Manager, New York University
  439. Terry Park, Lecturer, University of Maryland, College Park
  440. Thai-Huy Nguyen, Assistant Professor of Education, Seattle University
  441. Theo Gonzalves, Associate Professor, University of Maryland – Baltimore County
  442. Theodore Chao, Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
  443. Thondup Tsering, Residence Director, University of Massachusetts
  444. Tiffany Hsiang, Advocate
  445. Tiffany Yi, Academic Coach, Loyola University Chicago
  446. Tim Khuu, Academic Advisor, University of Southern California
  447. Tina Patel, Middle School Science Teacher in Indianapolis
  448. tommy wu, CUNY Graduate Center
  449. tomomi kinukawa, Instructor, SFSU
  450. Toubee Yang, California State University, Fullerton
  451. Tracy Buenavista, Professor, California State University, Northridge
  452. Tue Ho, Special Education Teacher at People for People Charter School
  453. Tuyet Dinh, Teacher, Boston Public Schools
  454. Umbreen Qadeer, Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
  455. UnSuk Zucker, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, TNTP
  456. Uyen Tran, Senior Lecturer, University of North Texas
  457. Valerie Francisco, Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University
  458. Van Lee, Graduate Academic Affairs Adviser, UC San Diego
  459. Van Tran, Assistant Professor, Columbia University
  460. Vani Narayana, Assistant Director, Asian Pacific American Cultural Center, Colorado State University
  461. Vichet Chhuon, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
  462. Victor Tam, Principal, San Francisco Unified School District
  463. Vijay Kanagala, Assistant Professor, University of Vermont
  464. Vinit Mukhija, Professor, UCLA
  465. Viraj Patel, Associate Director, Pan-Asian American Community House, Univ of Pennsylvania
  466. Vivian Bejarin, De Anza College
  467. Vivian Ho, Teacher, Charlestown High School, Boston Public Schools
  468. Vunsin Doubblestein, Western Michigan University
  469. Warren Chiang, Director, Residential Programs, Stanford
  470. Wei Lai, Assistant Professor, CUNY
  471. Wendy Wu, Math Teacher, Teach for America
  472. Windi Sasaki, Asian Pacific Islander Middle Eastern Desi American Program Manager, UC San Diego
  473. Won Hee Lee, Recruitment Manager for Teach For America
  474. Xiang Fang, Associate Professor, ISA Dept, Miami University, Oxford, OH
  475. Yaejoon Kwon, UIUC
  476. Yang Sao Xiong, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  477. Yen Ling Shek, Assistant Director for Research, UCLA
  478. Yoolee Choe Kim, Director of Graduate Student Life, George Mason University

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