We’re excited to share the achievements of two outstanding artists, Joshua Lauese and Malina Miura, the latest winners of the “Data is Empowering” design contest. Their unique and insightful designs masterfully reflect how data shapes and influences our lives and our broader communities. Join us in exploring their creative journeys and their exceptional work.

About Joshua Lauese

Meet Joshua Lauese, a graphic designer whose journey and work are equally inspirational. Joshua’s roots are deeply embedded in East Palo Alto, California, where he spent his early years. In 2012, a new chapter began when he moved to Sunnyvale, California, following his marriage.

Joshua’s artistic journey flourished at Tabor College, where his passion for art and design evolved into a professional pursuit. Graduating in 2020, he emerged as a skilled graphic designer, carrying dreams that are both humble and profound. Joshua aspires to create a life filled with comfort and happiness for his family, a testament to his grounded and family-centric values.

Design Inspiration

Joshua’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in representation and education. He crafts designs that showcase the diversity within the AANHPI (Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander) community. By incorporating distinct patterns, Joshua aims to highlight the unique identities within these cultures. His designs are not just visually appealing but serve as conversation starters, helping to dissolve the ambiguity surrounding different AANHPI ethnicities.

From an external viewpoint, his work is a window into the rich tapestry of AANHPI cultures. Internally, it acts as a unifying force, encouraging exploration and understanding within the community itself.

Creative Vision and Future Goals

Joshua believes in the power of art to bridge gaps and foster community. His vision extends beyond aesthetics, aiming to create designs that resonate on a deeper level. He advises fellow creatives to remain faithful to their work, be open to new ideas, continually seek knowledge, and invest wholeheartedly in every creation.

Personal Favorites

Movie: Gladiator

Relaxation Spot: The Kalapu (our clubhouse)

Pet Preference: Dogs

Connect with Joshua on Instagram: @lauese_designs

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About Malina Miura

Meet Malina, a resident of Los Angeles, California, who is currently pursuing her studies in Urban Studies and Psychological Science at the University of California, Irvine. With aspirations to enter the UX/UI design field, she aims to harness her creative abilities to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

Design Inspiration

Malina’s design ethos centers on the power of data to bring issues into the spotlight. She understands that many problems remain unseen until quantified with impactful statistics. Her goal is to use design as a voice for those suffering in silence, transforming data into a catalyst for community change.

Her process began with an in-depth exploration of AAPI Data, understanding their mission and goals. This led to brainstorming sessions where she focused on incorporating elements of advocacy, knowledge, community, data, empowerment, and compassion into her designs. After several sketches and iterations, she created a design that not only represented these themes but also added a friendly, personable touch, integrating AAPI motifs.

Malina believes her design underscores the role of data as a tool for advocacy and compassion, both within and outside the AAPI community. She hopes her work illustrates the unity and collective advocacy of the AAPI community, representing a powerful, unified voice.

Creative Approach and Aspirations

Malina advises those new to the design field to seize as many diverse design opportunities as possible, viewing each as a chance to enrich and refine their skills. She believes these experiences are crucial in discovering personal preferences, strengths, weaknesses, and unique design styles.

Currently, Malina is developing a homelessness donation prototype website, her first solo venture in website UX design. She is also exploring the integration of AI tools into her creative process, aspiring to become a creative director for platforms like Midjourney and DALL-E.

Malina’s journey into the world of design is marked by a commitment to learning and a desire to make a tangible difference. Her approach to design is not just about aesthetics but about sparking change and fostering understanding, both within her immediate community and beyond.

Personal Favorites

Movie:  Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Relaxation Spot: Her apartment in Irvine with all her housemates

Pet Preference: Dog person

Connect with Malina

Instagram @wujuberries



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Joshua and Malina’s creations are more than just displays of artistic skill; they reveal an astute comprehension of data’s role in shaping the perceptions, priorities, and meanings that affect our communities, and that can empower our communities. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to them for their remarkable achievements and eagerly anticipate the continued impact of their talents in the design landscape.