For too long, we as Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (AANHPIs) have been told that we were “statistically insignificant.” That we weren’t big enough to matter, as shown in the numbers and data.

But data shows that we, as a community, are the fastest-growing ethnic group and political voices in America. And we have now become electorally consequential in 2024, a critical election year where our nation’s future is at stake.

There is immense power not only in our community’s growing size and civic participation, but also the data that represents and reflects AANHPI issues, perspectives, and our collective narrative.

Together, we have #PowerInNumbers.

We are pushing state & federal policymakers to ensure that AANHPI communities are recognized and prioritized

We are prioritizing accurate data and timely insights, and community-friendly tools to create positive social change and policy impact

We are amplifying and engaging AANHPI communities at the state and local level to demonstrate our power in numbers and increase investments in civic engagement