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Infographic – Where do AA Undocumented Live? (2018)
Infographic – People obtaining legal permanent resident status (2018)
Infographic – Proportion Foreign Born, By Race (2018)
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Infographic – Residents Arrived in Last 10 Years, Among Immigrants (2018)
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Infographic – H-1B Visas, 2008 to 2017
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Infographic – H-4 Visas, 2008 to 2017
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Infographic – H-4 Work Permits, 2015 to 2017
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Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study (1991-2006)
Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study (CILS) was designed to study the adaptation process of the immigrant second generation; The original survey was conducted with large samples of second-generation immigrant children attending the 8th and 9th grades in public and private schools in the metropolitan areas of Miami/Fort Lauderdale in Florida and San Diego, California.
State of AAPIs: Immigration (2014)
Center for American Progress and AAPI Data (2014)

Immigration is an issue that is particularly relevant to Asian Americans, especially considering that it is the racial group comprised of the greatest proportion of foreign-born residents in the United States.
Perceived Social Standing among Asian Immigrants in the U.S. (2009)
Social Science Research (2009)

Using data from the National Latino and Asian American study this article examines the relationship between social status and reasons for immigration among Asian Americans.
Race, Rights, and the Asian American Experience (2006)
Rutgers University Press (2006)

In Race, Rights, and the Asian American Experience, Angelo N. Ancheta demonstrates how United States civil rights laws have been framed by a black-white model of race that typically ignores the experiences of other groups, including Asian Americans.
Asset Ownership of New Asian Immigrants in the United States (2012)
Journal of Family and Economic Issues (2012)

This study examined the asset ownership of Asian immigrants using a nationally representative sample of newly legalized immigrants (New Immigrant Survey).
The Diversity of Asian Immigrants’ Participation in Religious Institutions in the United States (2015)
Sociology of Religion (2015)

This study fills a gap in research on Asian immigrants' institutional religious practices by providing comprehensive statistics using survey data.
Disentangling Immigrant Status in Mental Health (2013)
American Journal of Orthopsychiatry (2013)

This study aimed to disentangle the psychological mechanisms underlying immigrant status by testing a model of psychological protective and risk factors to predict the mental health prevalence rates among Latino and Asian American immigrants based on secondary analysis of the National Latino and Asian American Study.
The Marginalized “Model Minority” (2013)
Social Forces (2013) We argue that America's racial and class systems of stratification have shaped and, to an important extent, determined second-generation Asian Americans' multifaceted experiences and life chances.
Are Second Generation Filipinos Become Asian American or Latino? (2013)
Ethnic and Racial Studies (2013)

The authors discuss the profound transformation immigrant religious communities in the United States are undergoing and their implications in a broader context.
Asian Americans and U.S. Immigration Policy (2013)
National Asian American Survey (2013)

This report utilizes the National Asian American Survey to examine Asian American public opinion on immigration issues such as undocumented immigrants, pathway to citizenship, and visa backlogs.
Asian Immigrants in the U.S. (2011)
Migration Information Source (2011) This report focuses on a large, diverse group of immigrants from Asia and examines the population's size, geographic distribution, and demographic and socioeconomic characteristics.
The Newly Arrived (2010)
US Census (2010) This report compares the foreign- born entry cohorts by population size, world region and country of birth, and geographic distribution within the United States.
The Rise of Asian Americans (2012)
Pew Research Center (2012)

This report sets out to draw a comprehensive portrait of Asian American demographic characteristics; their social, political and family values; their life goals, their economic circumstances and language usage patterns; their sense of identity and belonging; their attitudes about work, education and career; their marriage and parenting norms; their views on intermarriage and filial obligation; their perceptions about discrimination and intergroup relations; and the nature of their ties to their countries of origin.