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2020 Asian American Voter Survey (AAVS)

September 15, 2020

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View cross-tabs, including data on the Presidential race, and many priority issues,
including health care, economy, racial discrimination, and more.
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View cross-tabs, including data on the Presidential race, Proposition 15 & 16,
and many priority issues, including health care, economy, racial discrimination, and more.

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Presidential Race Vote, 2020
Joe Biden Favorability, 2020
Donald Trump Favorability, 2020
Voting Method, 2020
Party Identification, 2020
House Race Vote, 2020
Senate Race Vote, 2020
Voter Enthusiasm, 2020
Campaign Contact: Republican (2020)
Campaign Contact: Democrats (2020)
Campaign Contact: Community (2020)
Issue Importance: Education (2020)
Issue Importance: Health Care (2020)
Infograpic 2020-Vote Intention, 2020 General Election
Infograpic 2020-Vote Certainty, 2020 General Election
Infograpic 2020-Primary or Caucus Participation, 2020
Infograpic 2020-Discussed politics with family and friends
Infograpic 2020-Campaign Contribution
Infograpic 2020-Contacted your representative or a government official in the U.S.
Infograpic 2020-Posted about politics on social media, like Facebook or Twitter
Infograpic 2020-Discussed politics or community issues on ethnic social media
Infograpic 2020-Attended a protest march, demonstration, or rally
Infograpic 2020-Attended a meeting of the local school board or Parent Teacher Association
Infograpic 2020-Donated money to a religious organization
Infograpic 2020-Donated money to any other charitable cause
Infograpic 2020-2020 Senate Race Vote
Infograpic 2020-2020 Senate Race Support
Infograpic 2020-2020 Senate Race Lean Support
Infograpic 2020-2020 House Race Vote
Infograpic 2020-2020 House Race Support
Infograpic 2020-2020 Voter Enthusiasm
Infograpic 2020-Party Identification
Infograpic 2020-Partisanship: Republican
Infograpic 2020-Partisanship: Democrat
Infograpic 2020-Closer to Which Party?
Infograpic 2020-Views Closer to Which Party?
Infograpic 2020-2020 Presidential Race Vote
Infograpic 2020-Issue Importance: Jobs and Economy
Infograpic 2020-Issue Importance: Health Care
Infograpic 2020-Issue Importance: Immigration
Infograpic 2020-Issue Importance: Gun Control
Infograpic 2020-Issue Importance: Environment
Infograpic 2020-Issue Importance: Racism and Discrimination
Infograpic 2020-Issue Importance: Education
Infograpic 2020-Issue Importance: Taxes
Infograpic 2020-Issue Importance: National Security
Infograpic 2020-Issue Importance: Wealth Gap
Infograpic 2020-Issue Importance: Police Reform
Infograpic 2020-Issue Importance: Asia Foreign Policy
Infograpic 2020-Which Party is Doing Better? Jobs and Economy
Infograpic 2020-Which Party is Doing Better? Health Care
Infograpic 2020-Which Party is Doing Better? Immigration
Infograpic 2020-Which Party is Doing Better? Gun Control
Infograpic 2020-Which Party is Doing Better? Environment
Infograpic 2020-Which Party is Doing Better? Racism and Discrimination
Infograpic 2020-Which Party is Doing Better? Education
Infograpic 2020-Which Party is Doing Better? Taxes
Infograpic 2020-Which Party is Doing Better? National Security
Infograpic 2020-Which Party is Doing Better? Wealth Gap
Infograpic 2020-Which Party is Doing Better? Police Reform
Infograpic 2020-Which Party is Doing Better? Asia Foreign Policy
Infograpic 2020-Government Spending
Infograpic 2020-Support for Reallocating Police Funds
Infograpic 2020-Support for Civil Rights
Infograpic 2020-Support for Stricter Gun Laws
Infograpic 2020-Support for Healthcare for All Immigrants
Infograpic 2020-Support for Pathway to Citizenship
Infograpic 2020-Support for Stronger Federal Climate Change Policies
Infograpic 2020-Election Interference Worry
Infograpic 2020-Affordability Worry
Infograpic 2020-Health Care Affordability Worry
Infograpic 2020-Senior Care Worry
Infograpic 2020-Retirement Worry
Infograpic 2020-Drug Cost Worry
Infograpic 2020-Fraud Worry
Infograpic 2020-COVID-19 Voting Safety Worry
Infograpic 2020-COVID-19 Hate Crimes Worry
Infograpic 2020-COVID-19 Health Care Accessibility Worry
Infograpic 2020-COVID-19 Employment Worry
Infograpic 2020-Affirmative Action: Favor or Oppose
Infograpic 2020-CA Proposition 16 Vote
Infograpic 2020-2020 Campaign Contact: Democrats
Infograpic 2020-2020 Campaign Contact: Republican
Infograpic 2020-2020 Campaign Contact: Community
Infograpic 2020-Donald Trump Favorability
Infograpic 2020-Mike Pence Favorability
Infograpic 2020-Joe Biden Favorability
Infograpic 2020-AARP Favorability
Infograpic 2020-Black Lives Matter Favorability
Infograpic 2020-DREAMER Movement Favorability
Infograpic 2020-CA Proposition 15 Vote
Infograpic 2020-Delaying Medical Visit
Infograpic 2020-Inability to Pay Bills
Infograpic 2020-Unemployment Benefits
Infograpic 2020-Financially Assisted Family
Infograpic 2020-Received Financial Help
Infograpic 2020-Difficulty Paying for Housing
Infograpic 2020-Agree or Disagree: Wealthy Unfairly Favored
Infograpic 2020-Agree or Disagree: Organized Labor Importance
Infograpic 2020-Discrimination: Black People
Infograpic 2020-Discrimination: Hispanic People
Infograpic 2020-Discrimination: White People
Infograpic 2020-Discrimination: Asian People
Infograpic 2020-Discrimination: Muslims
Infograpic 2020-Discrimination: Evangelical Christians


This post presents the results of interviews conducted by telephone and online from July 15 to September 10, of 1,569 registered voters who identify as Asian American, producing an overall margin of sampling error of +/- 2%. Sampling was targeted towards the six largest national origin groups that together account for more than 75% of the Asian American adult citizen population. Interviews were conducted in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese, and included landlines, mobile phones, and web surveys.The sample sizes by ethnicity are as follows, along with an estimation of the margin of error associated with each sample size (in parentheses):
Total: 1,569(+/- 2%)
Asian Indian: 260 (+/- 6%)
Chinese: 306 (+/- 6%)
Filipino: 263(+/- 6%)
Japanese: 226 (+/- 7%)
Korean: 250 (+/- 6%)
Vietnamese: 264 (+/- 6%)

Sampling error from the size of our sample is only one type of error possible in surveys like the 2020 Asian American Voter Survey (AAVS). Findings may also be subject to variation from question wording, question order, and the time and date when the survey was conducted. The findings in this report are weighted statistically to account for any demographic differences of interest between the sample and population parameters for analyses of the national Asian American population, as well as for subgroups of the population, on the following dimensions: size of group within a state, educational attainment, gender, age, and nativity.